My Past Life as a Starseed – Chapter 1

YouTube – My Past Life as a Starseed – Chapter 1: “” My Past Life as a Starseed, here on Earth. Chapter 1. Starseed, lightworker, soul, higher self, spirit guide, ascension, am I an alien, from another planet, sirian, andromedan, pleiadian, nommos, galactic federation, lightship, mothership, first contact, ufo sighting, […]

Capitalism Sparks Creativity

Capitalism sparks creativity? In Capitalism you require MONEY as the spark of life as it has been accepted by everyone in this world — without MONEY the only creativity you will be pursuing is creative ways of how to get money to survive — so, yes I suppose you could […]

Capitalism Invented Poor Quality Products

From the comments: “I firmly disagree. Capitalism sparks creativity. But its nice that we can disagree because in a communist society you would be put to death.”VASINGER @VASINGER“what creativity does starvation spark in a person? because in case you didn’t notice, starvation exist because people don’t have money the capitalist […]