Passiveness is Action

Keeping quiet about the horrors taking place daily in this world is not being passive — it is an action – actively accepting and allowing it. The same as seeing abuse happening next door yet not voicing what you see. At desteni, we speak up, but people get mad at […]

Writing Myself to Freedom – why is it important?

Writing myself to freedom. This is where I write out my inner processes of thoughts, feelings, reactions, emotions, desires, fears, anxieties, insecurities, perceptions, judgments — everything that I encounter within my mind as ‘experiences’ which ‘arise’, which, you could describe as ‘disturbing the silence and darkness of myself here in […]

Is the Bible a Holy Book?

Is the Bible a Holy Book? Let’s look in the dictionary: holy |ˈhōlē|adjective ( holier , holiest )1 dedicated or consecrated to God or a religious purpose; sacred : the Holy Bible | the holy month of Ramadan. Yep. The Bible is most definitely ‘Holy’. It’s pretty obvious that the […]

How Matter Free Man

How Matter Free Man Matter – what is matter? There are matters – events and experiences which play out physically in this reality – in matter – and these events and experiences played out physically have their origins in the accepted reality that exists within each one’s mind. We are […]

Let the Damned be Free

The current money system on Earth is a system of Dam-Nation. Unless you are born into a circumstance of wealth, you are automatically ‘Dammed’. Wherein your Self expression and Self Development as a Human Being here on earth is placed behind a Wall that limits your Flow of Living — wherein […]

Is Poverty Real or just a Picture?

Placing images of poverty in factual context through investigating the actual cause of the circumstance being depicted. Taking the picture out of the realm of ideas and beliefs and assumptions, bringing it down to Earth as the Physical matters of fact that are at hand as the world we are […]