Go Beyond Psychology

Sigmund Freud was one of the fathers of modern psychology, having developed psychodynamics which is the exploration of the dynamics of what is perceived to be the psychological forces behind human behavior. Psychodynamic theory is the basis of psychoanalysis, which is a popular form of therapy among human beings. Psychologists […]

Creating A World For Life

There were an estimated 50-70 million deaths in 6 years of WW2. It is estimated that over 100 million children suffered deaths from starvation in the 1990s. About 50 million every 5 years. Do the math – who is evil? Hitler, or us humans with money who accept our money […]

Be Daring, Stop Delusion

Consciousness is a tool of self delusion created as a trap – in consciousness you can always dream up a pretty picture to look at and create nice pretty feelings and then say that is reality — to not have to face what is HERE when you stop the pretty […]

Rioting Sports Fans – Following Their Bliss?

mad sports fans possessed by accepted and allowed addiction to energetic stimulation as feelings and emotions — the human demon in action. Or are they just following their hearts? Doing what they love? Following their bliss? Why is the ridiculous and abusive behavior of human beings allowed to continue? Because, […]

Passiveness is Action

Keeping quiet about the horrors taking place daily in this world is not being passive — it is an action – actively accepting and allowing it. The same as seeing abuse happening next door yet not voicing what you see. At desteni, we speak up, but people get mad at […]