The Cancer is the Can’t-Shares

Cancer – a dis-ease that eats away at you until you die. In the body, the blood must be shared, the nutrients must be shared, circulated to all parts, all organs to ensure effective and balanced functioning, where all parts are developed to their full capacity to function to support […]

Training Your Water to Find 11:11

Discussion with Bernard Poolman Commentary with Matti Freeman Commentary on the discussion with Bernard Poolman entitled: Training Your Water to Find Eleven Eleven. Discussion with Matti Freeman about how one is able to confirm through self honesty and self forgiveness and stopping the mind, that seeing 11:11 is something you […]

From Tolerance to Responsibility

What is the problem with Tolerance? Tolerance, in this world, is directly related to Acceptance and Allowance. The idea of Tolerance, as Accepting and Allowing – or giving permission for people to have ‘opinions, traditions, values, beliefs, definitions’ that they live and apply in their daily lives — that you […]

Bashar and Acceptance and Allowance

Followers of Bashar: in Accepting that you are ‘not supposed to understand how things manifest in physical reality’ – you are Allowing and giving permission for physical manifested conditions such as poverty, starvation, rape, war, animal abuse, nature abuse, etc — this is simple mathematics of ONENESS see with common […]