Vegetables are plant meat

Vegetables are plant meat – animals are animal meat – humans are also meat – all meats meet as one as the dust of the earth – and all come forth equally with the same life essence. Eating animals is eating ourselves – eating plants is eating ourselves – with […]

Lightworker Support: Home is HERE

Home is HERE – you’re already HERE – you don’t have to remember it — that which you re-member, is a picture in your MIND created through reading stories – where you re-cycle knowledge and information we are already Equally HERE — the mind as the picture book is SEPARATION […]

The Cancer is the Can’t-Shares

Cancer – a dis-ease that eats away at you until you die. In the body, the blood must be shared, the nutrients must be shared, circulated to all parts, all organs to ensure effective and balanced functioning, where all parts are developed to their full capacity to function to support […]