Day 177: Human Potential Part 1

Is Human Potential and Self Expression defined only by the transformation of a consumer from being trapped in a dead end job, to someone that achieves financial success and the freedom to buy the lifestyle of your choice? Is Self Expression defined by a Consumer’s ability to repeat to themselves […]

Day 175: The Role of Market Dominance in Technological Failure

Grounded! All U.S. Dreamliners banned indefinitely from the air after TWO Boeing 787s made emergency landings this month Read more:  All of Boeing’s new 787 ‘Dreamliner’ airplanes have been grounded due to multiple cases of faulty batteries. The batteries are part of a new technology that enables the plane […]

Day 171: Which System would You Vote For?

Which System would YOU Vote for?  Inequality Capitalism: • Poverty• Starvation• Debt• Lawsuits• Robbery• Low Income• Low Quality of Life• Low Quality Products• Low Quality Food• Scams• Planned Obsolescence• Exploitation• Waste• Pollution• Animal Abuse• Child Abuse• War• Sex Trafficking for Money• Drug trafficking for Money• Weapons Trafficking for Money• Creating […]

Day 170: Pope Warns against Abuse of Human Rights – but who actually understands Human Rights?

Pope warns that selfish individuals are deliberately abusing the Human Rights Act to get what they want Read more:  Yes, the Pope – that guy who wears huge hats embellished with gold, carries a golden scepter, lives in his own country, and is employed by ‘god’ – a god […]