Day 187: New Pill Sobers you up in Seconds – Why is Science Justifying Poison?

I’ll drink to that! New ‘alcohol busting’ drug that sobers you up in seconds being developed by MIT scientists Read more:  scientists are working on a pill containing a ‘cocktail’ of enzymes that rapidly metabolize alcohol that could sober you up in seconds. And, unsurprisingly, this pill is being […]

Day 184: Misophonia: Self Forgiveness on Anger toward Eating Sounds

Image Source: Continuation of: Day 183: Misophonia: Why do Eating Sounds make me Angry? Another fascinating dimension of the whole ‘irritated by the sound of people eating’ point, also known as ‘Misophonia’ – an actual official ‘disorder’, is the point of how – when we’re alone, by ourselves, eating — we […]

Day 181: Human Nature and the True Dare-Devil

Climber, 22, dies after falling 300ft while scaling ridge on Ben Nevis  Read more:  The moment snowmobile rider crashed during X-Games stunt and had to be rushed to emergency heart surgery  Read more:  Why do we risk our lives chasing thrills and danger? Sure, climbing stuff can be […]