Day 205: An Example of Self Honesty

So, an important note about my Witness Blog I posted yesterday: I changed the part where I wrote about ‘developing an effective partnership’, because my Agreement Partner pointed out that what I was saying is creating the perception that things like ‘blame and manipulation’ ‘don’t exist’ in the relationship when […]

Day 202: Is Independence Day an Act of Terror?

BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!CRAAAAAACCKKKK!!!!!POP!!!!POP!!!!POP!!!!POP!!!!POP!!!!POP!!!!SHPLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!POP!!!!BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG!!!!!!!! Independence Day is just around the corner, and already I’ve been hearing the loud bangs, pops, and explosions of fireworks around the neighborhood. Fireworks are a big thing here where I live, because there’s a Native American Reservation nearby and they operate huuuuuuge […]

Day 201: Psychologists do not understand Happiness

Is there a link between religion and happiness? Study finds Christians tweet more cheerfully than atheists “The research found that overall, tweets by Christians had more positive and less negative content than tweets by atheists. Christians used less analytical and more social words, which were correlated with the use […]

Day 200: Getting Lost in the Naked Spiritual Quest

“Woman missing in Washington state forest after going on naked ‘spiritual quest’ with nothing but a fanny pack”Read more: Why are we so stuck in the Quest to escape the Physical Reality of what is here?Why do we believe our imagination is showing us a real reality, when we […]

Day 199: A Living Wage is a Basic Human Right – Why is the Minimum Not Enough to Live?

Here I’m placing some questions in relation to the recent strikes in Seattle by fast food workers demanding a pay raise to a ‘living wage’. See the following articles for context: “Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn supported the striking fast food workers with several Twitter tweets. “I support fast food workers’ […]