self realization

Lightworker Support: Home is HERE

Home is HERE – you’re already HERE – you don’t have to remember it — that which you re-member, is a picture in your MIND created through reading stories – where you re-cycle knowledge and information we are already Equally HERE — the mind as the picture book is SEPARATION […]

Wake up Neo-Agers The Matrix is Real

Spirituality and New Age is in essence a video game played by preprogrammed characters — which is what Human Beings currently are existing as and experiencing themselves as: characters called a personality – which is a program that is developed from a young age, utilizing some basic foundational coding passed […]

How Matter Free Man

How Matter Free Man Matter – what is matter? There are matters – events and experiences which play out physically in this reality – in matter – and these events and experiences played out physically have their origins in the accepted reality that exists within each one’s mind. We are […]