human rights

Day 213: Lovely Day for a Carriage Ride!

“…horse collapsed while pulling a carriage through downtown traffic in sweltering heat.Jerry was left lying for several hours on the scorching pavement, before his owners eventually moved him via forklift to a nearby stable.”Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook Yes many cities, including Seattle where I live, have these […]

Day 199: A Living Wage is a Basic Human Right – Why is the Minimum Not Enough to Live?

Here I’m placing some questions in relation to the recent strikes in Seattle by fast food workers demanding a pay raise to a ‘living wage’. See the following articles for context: “Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn supported the striking fast food workers with several Twitter tweets. “I support fast food workers’ […]

Day 191: Sanitation is a Basic Human Right, yet 2.5 Billion are Without Access to a Toilet

© Rémi Kaupp, CC-BY-SA,Wikimedia Commons Six of the world’s seven billion people have mobile phones… but only 4.5billion have a toilet says UN report–4-5billion-toilet-says-UN-report.html“Six of the world’s seven billion people have mobile phones – but only 4.5 billion have a toilet, according to a U.N. report.The shocking statistic has […]

Day 171: Which System would You Vote For?

Which System would YOU Vote for?  Inequality Capitalism: • Poverty• Starvation• Debt• Lawsuits• Robbery• Low Income• Low Quality of Life• Low Quality Products• Low Quality Food• Scams• Planned Obsolescence• Exploitation• Waste• Pollution• Animal Abuse• Child Abuse• War• Sex Trafficking for Money• Drug trafficking for Money• Weapons Trafficking for Money• Creating […]

Day 166: Mother $70,000 in Debt Drowns her Autistic Son

“Mother admits she drowned autistic son, 4, in bathtub because ‘she was sick of taking care of him’ and was $70,000 in debt after paying for his care” Read more:  Isn’t the right to life and liberty where you don’t have to worry about not having enough money? Isn’t […]