Day 333: Redefining Words: Patience and Impatience

I was inspired by the Reptilian series interview about Patience, to investigate the word Patience for myself and redefine it. You can hear the interview here:Patience: A Patient of… – Reptilians – Part 546 So, let’s look at Patience. It seems that Patience goes hand in hand with Impatience. When […]

Day 316: What if you lost your mind’s eye?

Interesting… Here is an article about people with a condition that makes them unable to produce mental images.Aphantasia: A life without mental images What I’ve found in my process is that in my past, almost 100% of the reason I would spend so much time in pictures / imaginations in […]

Day 247: How Love got Lost in the Matrix – Part 3: Memories

Continuing from the previous posts: Day 245: How Love got Lost in the Matrix – Part 1 Day 246: How Love Got Lost in the Matrix – Part 2: Revelations “…we’ve spent years designing and participating in specific personalities and behaviors with these people we ‘love’, that protect […]