Day 229: Two Thirds of Americans Don’t Trust Each Other

“Two-thirds of Americans no longer trust each other says poll conducted last month
  • An AP-GfK poll conducted last month found that Americans are suspicious of each other in everyday encounters
  • Less than one-third expressed a lot of trust in clerks who swipe their credit cards, drivers on the road, or people they meet when traveling
  • People stopped trusting each other during the baby boomer generation and beliefs people have in their twenties will likely stay with them
  • Distrust encourages corruption whereas trust encourages economic growth
  • Dennis Hess, 60, goes against the grain with his unattended farm stand based on the honor system”

Polls can be quite useful because you’re getting information direct from the people. It’s a practical way to measure for example, a population’s perception or attitude about something.

Now, this poll would appear to show a completely different reality to that presented within the New Age and Lightworker community, which, if you study the Lightworkers’ outlook on the world, you’d find that the Lightworker believes Humanity have entered a ‘new age’, within which more and more people are ‘awakening’ to ‘light and love’ and we’re rapidly heading toward a ‘tipping point’ that will ‘shift’ the global consciousness and human nature from that of things like mistrust, fear, greed, violence, selfishness, to that of loving each other and healing the planet and recognizing each other as being One.
If you study the ‘channeled messages’ from all kinds of apparent ‘higher sources’ and ‘divine beings‘, you’ll find messages filled with statements like – ‘don’t worry, there is a shift happening’, and ‘don’t be concerned with all the bad stuff in the news’, and ‘just focus on your bliss and light and love’, and ‘the dark is coming to an end, the time of light is now here’, and ‘the forces of light are busy removing the forces of dark’, and ‘we’re busy co-creating a world of harmony and bliss’, etc, etc, etc.
The problem is that when you actually study the daily events taking place in the world, and study information gathered about how people actually feel about each other – as for example in the above poll — we find that in fact, people are not becoming more ‘loving’ and ‘trusting’ and ‘caring’, but rather the opposite is happening. 
I mean, two thirds of Americans saying they don’t trust each other — how do we get to such a point?
Well let’s ask ourselves some self honest questions here — how are we supposed to ‘trust’ each other when we are all accepting and allowing a system in which exploitation of someone less fortunate than you is allowed in the name of ‘freedom to capitalize on another’s misfortune’?

How can we expect to trust each other when we accept and allow each other to place ‘the pursuit of happiness’ above the pursuit of human rights for all?

How can we expect people to become ‘more loving and caring’, when things like love and care have been defined within a limited value system where only family and friends are valued?
How can we expect people to act in ‘oneness’ with each other, when we are not even acting in oneness with our own minds? Where – we’re presenting various personalities with each other, while having secret thoughts, desires, fantasies, reactions, and judgments toward each other? 
How are we supposed to trust each other when we see people every day acting out their accumulated reactions and thoughts and fantasies of their secret minds in the form of conflict, abuse and violence, as for example in daily shootings, domestic violence, rape, black friday shoppers stabbing, tazing, and shooting each other trying to save money?
How can we expect people to become more ‘loving and trusting and harmonious’ with each other, when the majority of people are in a position where they have a limited access to money, resulting in all kinds of consequences like jealousy, resentment, bitterness, survival fear, frustration, depression?
How can we expect people to become more trusting of each other when we are all accepting and allowing a system that justifies the existence of haves and have nots, where the very point of money that gives us access to a dignified, comfortable life is not given as a support tool to fulfill everyone’s basic human rights, and those of us with money actually go about our lives feeling ‘happy’ and ‘positive’ as others are struggling to earn enough to buy food and have a place to live? 
How can we expect people who are in debt, and trapped into jobs that do not pay enough – which is millions and millions of people – to trust those who control their incomes and deliberately force them to live a lower quality of life based on their skills and education?
For those of us calling ourselves ‘Lightworkers’ and supporters of ‘Love’ and ‘Oneness’ — where is our actual action to back up this attitude / personality?
What studies like the above poll show is that within Spirituality we are relying too much on our imagination and happy thoughts and our ‘positive interpretations’ of things – where we’re filtering reality through a construct of ideas and assumptions that we’ve tailored to our specific self interest – as our desires and wants and fantasies about the kind of reality we would ‘prefer’ to experience — and not standing One and Equal with what is actually Here — not looking at the actual structural reality that in fact exists — in terms of what’s actually going on in our minds and what factors in our environments are playing a role in shaping our minds and behavior collectively. We’re not looking at what’s actually happening, we’re looking at what we WANT to be happening — through and within our own Minds.
Now, what do we know — if there is any fear or resistance to giving up  / stopping participation within things like hope, and fantasies, and imagination in relation to ‘the world changing’ and ‘a consciousness shift’, and ‘entering a higher dimension’ — then we are showing ourselves that we have not actually developed any Self Trust — we do not yet Trust ourselves to stand Here, One and Equal to Reality, to what is HERE as this world. All our trust has been placed in separation of Self, into ideas, beliefs, assumptions, hopes, fantasies, knowledge. 
How can we expect people to trust each other and live in ‘oneness’ when we are accepting and allowing each other to place our trust in our own individual beliefs in various ‘gods’, and ‘higher powers’, and ‘divine plans’? I mean – we’re telling each other it’s okay to abdicate Responsibility to whatever belief makes use feel the best, and then we call that being ‘positive’ — but it’s not ‘positive’ — it’s an act of Dividing and Separating ourselves from each other through and within our individual Mental Alternate Realities instead of each Standing Together Equally in this One Reality we all Share which is the Earth — the Physical, that which we are Made of, that which we can all See and Touch the Same.
What is the meaning of Trust? 
Ultimately, how can Trust exist as anything less than where we’ve each proven to ourselves and demonstrated to each other that we will always do what is Best for All Life? That we will each take Responsibility for All Life within each standing as the Sole point of Responsibility in the Universe? Where we are in fact Equal as God? How can we call ourselves Divine if we are not yet able to be trusted to always do what is Best for All Life?
Living such a Definition of Trust into Reality would obviously require each of us to first walk a process of bringing Trust back to Self in all ways — and learning what it is to Trust Self to do, be, and become what is Best for All, Always.
Within this, if we firstly establish an effective Life-Based economic system that places everyone in a position of being able to end all survival fear and enjoy a dignified quality of life — we will be able to remove much of the current mental and physical preoccupation with money and survival that is playing a large role in distrust and conflict, preventing most humans from being able to slow down, breathe, go within, and consider the larger questions of our nature and existence.  
With a Living Income Guaranteed, proposed by the Equal Life Foundation, we will expedite the process of Awakening. 

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