Day 172: Mindfulness And Meditation in the Age of Imagination

“In Mindfulness one is not only Restful and Happy, but Alert and Awake. Meditation is not Evasion; it is a Serene Encounter with Reality.” -Thich Nhat Hanh

Is Serenity Real when stories of violence, rape, war, and abuse in the news Disrupt one’s Serenity? After all, Encountering Reality in an Alert and Awake way would be to Encounter All Parts of Reality – even the horrific parts – and not be Mind-Fooled into believing that looking only at the nice parts means you are looking at Reality.

Is Serenity Real when the Gurus teach Mindfulness on talkshows and in books and websites to people with Money, but cannot demonstrate the ‘Benefits’ of Mindfulness to the poorest people starving in slums? Wouldn’t that indicate that Serenity comes with Money?

Is one Encountering Reality when one deliberately ignores the parts of Reality that do not play a role in the Relationships within which one finds ‘Happiness?’

Is one Alert and Awake when one Projects Waking Dreams as Imagination onto the Physical Reality and Claims it is Real?

Is Mindfulness of Benefit to our Development as Responsible Beings that Care for the Earth, when we Allow each other to Fill our Minds with our Own interpretation of Reality that includes only ideas, beliefs, stories, theories, opinions that protect what we Want to Experience Now?

Is Meditation Divine? Or is Meditation Da-Wine? Let’s compare Alcohol and Meditation.
Alcohol gives you a buzz, so you feel relaxed, restful, serene, and happy because for a moment you access a chemical experience that completely preoccupies the Mind and Body. Isn’t that why people drink alcohol? To Feel Serene? To Feel Happy? To Feel Restful? There are many types of Alcohol, from which we ‘Pick our Poison’ – the type of drink that Facilitates / Stimulates the nicest Experience.

When you Meditate, you also ‘pick your poison’ – as you select the Belief, the Visualization, the Affirmation, the Idea – the Self Defnition that Facilitates / Stimulates the Nicest Experience – whether God, Angels, Masters, Auras, Love, Light, Aliens, UFOs, Chakras, Sacred Geometry, Lightworkers, Starseeds, Indigos, Ascension, Golden Energy, Pink Energy, Green Energy, Blue Energy, Violet Energy – you select the Color and Theme and Sound and Backstory of the Character you want to be, and the way you Want reality to be, you decide ‘This is Who I Am‘, ‘This is what Reality is’, and then Meditate AS that Self Definition. Have you ever noticed that you didn’t Meditate until after you’d spent some time accumulating enough Knowledge and Information, Ideas and Beliefs, to construct a clear Self Definition and Interpretation / Belief about what reality is, that Satisfied the Desire to Feel Better about what you ACTUALLY see is here as Reality? Did you notice that you actually Superimpose your Own Picture / Feeling Reality Interpretation onto what was Already Here as the Physical Reality? Are you then actually ‘Encountering Reality?’ Or are you just Encountering your Own Mind’s Countenance?

Do you see young children Meditating and using Spiritual Vocabulary to describe themselves and their reality? No – because they have not yet used Knowledge and Information, Beliefs and Ideas and Opinions to create a Replacement Reality in their Mind.

Do either the Alcoholics of this World, or the Meditators of this world present any practical Insight into how to stop Accepting and Allowing a world system of Inequality where Happiness is only available to those with Money, and where Money is not Equal, where basic Human Rights like Food, Water, Homes, Clothing, Education, Healthcare, Dignified work that one Enjoys, are not Equal for All? NO.

If Meditation is ‘not evasion’ — then why are the actual problems in this world that require practical, logistical solutions, consistently and constantly Evaded by those who Promote Meditation? The fact that all attention is Diverted through Belief, Imagination, and Fantasy from what is actually Here, to what only exists as an Experience – just as attention is Diverted through Alcohol from what is actually Here, to what only exists as an Experience, does not demonstrate Enlightenment – it demonstrates In-Fright-enment, and In-Flight-enment — where one is trying to Fly Away from Reality into one’s Mind in Fear of the Truth of what is Here — which is a world of Inequality, Abuse, Neglect, Denial, Dishonesty, Fear.

Instead of Mindfulness and Meditation being the simple Application of Breathing Here-Now as the Physical Body, giving attention to that which requires to be Directed to outcomes that are Best for All Life, Meditation has become our own In-Flight Entertainment — as we Surf the Channels of Nice Feelings from within the Comfort of our own Private Consciousness Jet, where we can fly high above the suffering, the abuse, the pain, the screams of other beings, because we have the Money to keep our Imagination Fueled and our Physical Bodies protected, well fed and comfortable.

Read the following Blogs on Heaven’t Journey to Life for a more in-depth deconstruction of Consciousness / Energy as our own private Jet:

Won’t the world be more Serene when everyone has Food?
Won’t the world be more Serene when everyone Homes?
Won’t the world be more Serene when everyone has the Best Quality of Life?
Won’t the world be more Serene when everyone is compensated Equally Effectively for their work / contributions within the system?
Won’t the world be more Serene when we stop Destroying Nature in the name of the Pursuit of Consumerism?
Won’t the world be more Serene when everyone takes Responsibility to align their Interests with that which will produce the Best outcome in All Ways for All Life?
For those interested in stepping beyond the Evasive preoccupation with Beliefs, Imagination and Feelings and getting to the actual Cause of Dysfunction and Separation within the Individual and the World as Whole, join the DIP Lite course for Free and develop Practical, Self Honest, Self Investigative writing skills.

Educate yourself about practical world system solutions at

For those who have not studied the works of Osho, I recommend his books as they present a more practical approach to self-transformation and self awareness.

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  1. Hey,Meditation is so important in ones life and to relax and get center with your self. I love to hear the sound of nature and to watch the live videos brings peace and a quite stillness from within. To get away from our busy “Rat Race” life and be able to stop and really take in to what is truly important to what the mind and body needs. It is Gods best medicine for us all. God Bless to everyone with love.Thank you!!!
    sant kirpal singh ji


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