Day 168: Money and Manipulation

‘I’m horrible!’ Boy, 8, sobs after his mom convinces him he’d accidentally bought a Ford Mustang while playing with her iPad”
“When Paula Papen caught her eight-year-old son playing around on eBay on her iPad, she concocted one way of making sure he took care of grown ups’ toys.”
This mother convinced her son he bought a $50,000 car by accident, while playing around with her ipad. The boy started to cry and said:
‘Oh no, I’m horrible,’ ‘We’ll have to sell everything. I’m horrible!’
He later laughs in relief when she tells him she was just joking.
What stood out to me when I read this article, was that the boy wasn’t actually reacting to the act of buying a car, or using his mother’s ipad when he wasn’t supposed to or whatever. He was reacting to the fact that ‘we’ll have to sell everything’. This shows that the boy understands that everything depends on money – the family depends on money. And if they were to go into debt they’d be in trouble. I mean, this boy shows in his reaction that within his mind, the definition of money has been imprinted with / connected to an emotional reaction of fearfear that his family will have to ‘sell everything’ – fear of loss. This is proven in how the mother used words indicating to the boy that he had placed the family in a situation of debt, and that the words alone triggered the reaction. It may have been ‘laughed off’ once the boy found out it was a joke – but his reaction reveals that due to the family obviously not being wealthy, the boy exists within a starting point of fear toward the family losing money. The fact that he took it personally indicates that fear in relation to losing money is already part of this boy’s Psychology.
Obviously if the family was wealthy and didn’t have to worry about money – such a fear would not develop in the child. And this goes to show that the mother was actually aware that her child exists within fear of losing money, and exploited this as a way to manipulate him to ‘not play with the grown up toys’.
The whole thing appears very ‘lighthearted’, like not a big deal really, when you watch the video. And maybe the boy was even playing the crying up deliberately to make it seem like he was remorseful. I know I was very clever at manipulating by pretending to be upset when I was a child. Either way, it all revolves around Money. Protecting what has been bought with money and teaching children to respect their parents’ stuff and to fear money related consequences to their behavior, in a system where money is something you have to protect and defend due to money’s unequal nature in this system. And none of this behavior would exist in a world where all the necessities of a comfortable life are given equally to everyone.
Why do we not question the fact of such a pointless existence where the definition of life is to find a way to make money to escape the fear for your survival, and then use your money to stay entertained with various products, and then have children and pass on this tradition to the next generation?
Why do we not question the fact that we exist in fear of losing money because of a system where survival is not even a basic human right?
Why do we not question that fact that we use manipulation through emotional and feeling imprinting with fear and happiness to ‘teach’ our children to do what we say, to become copies of ourselves who will just accept the world as it is like we did?
How can anyone be proud of themselves in this world?
How can anyone be proud of bringing a child into this world and teaching them to accept inequality and fear?
How can anyone be proud of manipulating their child?
Why do we not acknowledge that we teach our children how to manipulate emotionally, by the example we set for them?
How can anyone be proud of their happiness while a billion starve?
How can anyone be proud of their lifestyle while half the world is in poverty without even basic necessities?
How can anyone be proud of accepting such a limited existence where all you do is try to make money to survive and stay ‘happy’ and then die?
How can anyone be proud of a world where almost no one is able to do what they’re truly good at and truly passionate about because survival comes before self expression?
What the fuck is wrong with us?
Seriously, if I had not been shown self honesty and self forgiveness a few years ago – I would probably have become an alcoholic just to try and escape from the boundless bullshit this world consists of. Thankfully I’ve been able to spend the last few years developing actual common sense and breaking through the hypnotic trance of thoughts, feelings, and emotions and imagination enough to be able to express myself in a practical way and investigate real solutions for this fuckup.
I hiiiighly suggest joining DIP Lite and getting started with learning how to transform yourself from a consumer Psyche of self interest and fear into a force of real self expression and change.

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