Day 162: You’re Fired because I can’t stop having Sexual Thoughts about you!

A dentist has fired his assistant, because he claimed she is ‘irresistibly attractive’, and couldn’t have her around because he was afraid he’ll start having an affair with her and ruin his marriage. When the woman took him to court on charges of discrimination, the judge ruled in favor of the horny dentist, judging it valid to fire the woman because she posed a ‘threat’ to the dentist’s marriage.

Is this woman too sexy to be a dental assistant? Judges back married dentist who fired aide he said was ‘irresistibly attractive’ and a ‘threat to his marriage’

Yes, this is humanity. Whether it’s the apparent inability to stop having sexual thoughts about someone, or the apparent inability to stop having violent thoughts about someone, the signs of the times indicate humanity is definitely not on a path to ‘evolution’ to some higher, more responsible state of being, but that humans are transforming more and more extensively into demonic robots controlled by inner conversations, backchat, reactions, feelings, and emotions – all revolving around self interest.

How can we give direction to this world as a whole, in terms of changing course from a world of conflict to a world that is best for everyone, if we can’t even Prevent petty consequences of reactions and obsessive thoughts through directing ourselves to not separate ourselves from reality in the first place through remaining physically here and ensuring we do not define ourselves through values placed in imagined experiences?

How can our Relationships produce responsible children that will grow up to take responsibility for this world, responsibility for Life on Earth, if our relationships are the product of two beings that value each other and relate to each other only on the basis of shared Self Interest, in complete acceptance of reactions, blame, disagreement, conflict, and manipulation as the consequence of the conflict between self interest? This is the very basis of all the wars that are fought on this planet – the conflict between self interests. Obviously we will program our children with these same dysfunctional habits to produce copies of ourselves that end up repeating the past, led by our example into a life of self interest as energetic possession, to accept a system of inequality and abuse because they are too preoccupied with surviving as desires and self interested value systems that possess the Physical Life Form as an Opinionated Experience.

How can someone call themselves ‘free’ when sexual thoughts, backchat, fantasies and reactions towards someone control you to the point of having to physically remove the person from your immediate world so you don’t rape them or try to cheat on your partner with them? How can humanity be trusted with life if we allow ourselves to create clones of each other in our minds, twisted to suit our self interest, and then blame, abuse, manipulate, rape, and murder each other when the real being does not behave like the slave we created them as in our mind? How can humanity be trusted with Life if humanity cannot be trusted to breathe, and stop participating in secret sexual thoughts or violent thoughts about another? How can humanity be trusted with life if humanity cannot be trusted to recognize the destructive, abusive, dishonest nature of self interest in the face of UNDENIABLE evidence that plays out daily as the consequence of who we are?

Hear ye Hear ye! The world didn’t end in 2012, aliens didn’t come in 2012, no one was whisked off magically to a higher dimension, the spiritual people’s feelings of love and light have not caused abusers to stop abusing or removed possessive thoughts, feelings, and emotions from the Physical Bodies of humanity. I don’t see anyone writing blogs showing in actual consistent written demonstration how Eckhart Tolle, Ramtha, Bashar, Kryon, or any other Guru have assisted and supported them to understand how the mind works and exactly how possessive thoughts, emotions, and feelings develop within the human being’s mind – I see only superficial messages of hope and pretty words explaining methods that will help you make money and find your soul mate and be happy all the time while ignoring the suffering of those without enough money to be majestic spiritual light beings.

The escalating occurrence of destructive , demonic behavior motivated by self interest should by now stand as a clear indication that thoughts, feelings, and emotions as the accepted guidance system for physical action must be removed at all costs.

Actually changing ourselves will in fact be the end of the world as we know it — because the world as we’ve known it through knowledge lived as self interest obviously cannot continue if we are to have a real new world. No one ever said the road to a better world would be a blissful excursion through sunny mental pastures of pretty colors and warm fuzzies. Well – that’s what the spiritual message says — but the spiritual message has proven itself as a Lie as evidenced by nothing happening in 2012 other than MORE and MORE violence and atrocities.

The Journey to a Life worth living for All on Earth is the Long Hard Road out of Hell — and that is not an opinion — because to anyone willing to be Self Honest, this world currently exists as Hell — that is, unless you have been Blessed with the good Fortune of having access to enough money to dedicate your time to ‘happiness’. And, the fact that this blessing is not given Equally to All from Birth to Death and children are allowed to starve to death indicates all stories about an apparent ‘loving creator’ with a ‘special plan’ for everyone are nothing but a delusional fantasy motivated by the Desperate Desire to feel like a life of self interest in a world where billions suffer is somehow more than what it is – Spitefulness.

It’s well worth your time to investigate and join Desteni I Process LITE – a free online course that will teach you self investigation skills to assist in understanding how mental possessions are formed, and how to remove them definitively. And unlike any form of spirituality, we have thousands of blogs and articles showing in exact detail how to actually change — so you don’t have to interpret anything through belief or assumption based on lack of specificity. In reading the Journey to Life Blogs you’ll see how we’re busy demonstrating how it is in fact possible to learn how to live, express, interact with each other from a starting point of Equality, a starting point of what is Best for All – and to actually bring an end to a world of conflict between Opinionated Energetic Mind Demons.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to participate in sex thoughts when they arise, within the belief that who I am is thoughts, instead of realizing I am here as breath, stable as the physical body.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to program myself with sexual fantasies I formed through connecting value to imagined experiences I copied from what I saw in porn and movies

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that sex and sexuality is not the creation of hundreds of obsessive fantasy scenarios in my mind that I define my very existence and self experience within – sex and sexuality is not an automatic triggered energy that possesses me – sex and sexuality is not the creation of myself as a fantasy possessed, energy addicted entity that ‘can’t help itself’ — but that this is just a system that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within and as, through separating myself from the Physical Body, from Physical Expression through and as values connected to pictures that represent concepts connected to sex within movies, tv, and porn that I’ve become addicted to – concepts like love, romance, submissiveness, dominance, forbidden, taboo, beautiful, superior, successful, winner, worthy — where, I’m actually having sex / masturbating / fantasizing about myself – because all I experience is energy experiences inside myself, in my own mind, based on my own thoughts and my own imagination — I’m fucking myself in my mind, I’m enjoying only the way a particular energy connected to an idea / value ‘feels’ – I’m mind fucking myself and it has nothing to do with expressing myself physically with another being

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that the reason humanity can’t trust each other and why we kill and abuse each other is because humanity accepts and allows secret alternate realities inside the mind, where we make copies of reality, copies of each other, and try to manipulate reality / each other to obey / conform to the mind reality that we’ve asserted as ‘who I am’ – instead of living together in One reality as physical life forms living and expressing according to principles that are best for everyone

I see and realize that I created my sexual fantasies about others, through years spent imagining experiences I’d like to have – which I copied from movies, tv, and porn, and from what I saw other people experiencing and interpreted according to my self interest as my desires, self judgments, fears, self ideas, etc — and within this I thus commit myself to take responsibility for my sexual fantasies and sexual thoughts and sexual obsessions through walking a process of writing to investigate and uncover the values I’ve connected to certain sex experiences, to see where and how I exist within and as points of personality as self ideas, self beliefs, desires, judgments, self judgments, comparison, etc — and to apply self forgiveness to release myself from the constructs of personality through which I’ve bound myself to the addiction to energy as the desire to have certain feeling experiences through acting out / living out fantasies that will apparently ‘fulfill’ me and ‘complete me’ according to my ideas about myself

I commit myself to, through first applying writing for investigation and then self forgiveness for deletion, remove all mental copies / clones of people in my world, that I have shaped according to my self interest as fantasies, desires, wants – and to, when and as thoughts about people in my world arise in my mind – immediately stop, breathe, and focus on actual communication and physical interaction as simple self expression with another physical being

I see and realize that the energy of arousal that seems to overpower me, is triggered by specific thoughts that I allow myself to participate in — thus when and as sex thoughts arise, I commit myself to stop, breathe, and not accept or allow myself to participate in the thoughts, and to simply delete them, let go of them, and bring myself back here to breathing as my physical body

I commit myself to stop giving life to the energy of my fantasies, by no longer accepting and allowing myself to participate in / give attention to fantasies.

I commit myself to be here as Breath in every moment, and to, when and as I see I am thinking about sex – stop, return to breath, and see that I as my physical Body am Here, Stable – and that I do not have to go into my mind and participate in thoughts

I see and realize that fear and self judgment is not necessary when sex thoughts arise, because I can simply make the decision that I will no longer accept or allow such thoughts to exist within and as me – I can forgive myself and move on

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