Day 132: Awareness and the Identification with Thought – Part 2

So, within Eckhart Tolle’s teachings, thoughts are seen as Ego. And this message is presented within the context of the general Spiritual teaching that in essence says that who we really are is ‘Pure Conscious Awareness’ which permeates all things and exists eternally, and that within this ‘thoughts’ are like, a ‘limited aspect’ of Consciousness which is ‘Ego’ — where Ego is described as the act of ‘judging’ reality based on the ‘limited self centered identification’ with thoughts. The absence of Ego is described as returning to the ‘Pure Conscious Awareness’ that is like ‘here all the time‘ as the ‘Now’ moment, where, instead of being in a constant state of judgment as thoughts, trying to control reality / others and seeing reality through the ‘filter’ of thoughts — you’re simply in the Now as this ‘Pure Conscious Awareness’, simply ‘accepting what is’ without judgment – without thoughts.

Within my studies of Spirituality I found that ‘Consciousness’ and ‘Awareness’ are basically seen as being one and the same. This ‘Pure Conscious Awareness’ is described as being the point through and as which we’re all ‘One’, and the ‘experience’ of this ‘Pure Conscious Awareness’ is described as being pure bliss / ecstasy / happiness / love / joy — which is our ‘natural, godly state’ — whereas things like thoughts, fear, anxiety, depression, anger, judgment – are all ‘lower vibrations’ of Consciousness, based on ‘identifying’ ourselves with ‘lower vibrational’ value systems based on material possessions / wealth, and believing that we’re ‘separate’ — believing that we’re these ‘limited physical bodies in a physical reality only’.

The Physical reality is seen as a ‘lower vibrational density’ of Consciousness, within which we chose to ‘descend’ so that we could ‘learn about’ and ‘experience’ separation at it’s most extreme, and wherein when we’ve ‘learned enough’ / ‘learned what we need to learn’ — we’ll then have a ‘spiritual awakening‘ where we’ll shed all our beliefs / values of a ‘lower vibrational’ nature – such as valuing and competing for material worth and possessions, and we’ll realize that we’re not our physical bodies, we’re not these ‘limited physical beings’, we’re not these limited, judgmental thoughts and emotions – we’re all One as Pure, Unbounded, Infinite, Eternal Conscious Awareness.

In the next post we’ll be further investigating Conscious Awareness. Stay tuned.

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