Day 69: Deconstructing Ask and It is Given – Part 4

Self Corrective Commitment statements in continuation of my last post deconstructing the following quote from Ask and It is Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks:
“…As you enthusiastically made the decision to come into this physical body and create in this way, you understood, from your Non-Physical vantage point, that this physical world was not broken and in need of repair and you did not come forth to fix it.”

When and as I am reading websites / books and encounter messages ‘describing’ the afterlife, or telling me ‘what I decided / chose’, ‘before I came to this physical world’ — I immediately stop and investigate the starting point of what I am reading, to see if it is suggesting I direct my attention into my mind into imagination based on beliefs within hope / desires / expectations as self interest, rather than directing my attention to the matters at hand in this world that require attention: like poverty, starvation, abuse — and I remind myself that what is relevant / common sense is to dedicate myself to ensuring that the world that the children to come will be born into, is a world of equal support no matter when / where a child / being is born into this world
I see and realize that it is easy to make up beliefs about the afterlife that make me feel like I am not responsible for the abuse that exists in this world – such as the belief that starving children ‘chose’ the experience of starvation at a ‘higher, non physical level’ — and that if I have any self respect and consideration for life, I will place myself in the shoes of those who suffer and ask myself if I would like those in a more fortunate position to ignore me and justify my suffering through beliefs, or if I would like those in a more fortunate position to stand together and use their resources and time to come up with a solution to end my unnecessary suffering — in realizing that the earth provides support free of charge to all beings – and yet this support is denied to billions of people deliberately in the name of making a profit off the survival needs of beings — and that thus it is spiteful to claim suffering is the choice of the being when we could in fact agree to give the support of the earth equal to all
I commit myself to show that the human being broke the natural order of the earth — where, in common sense we are here to be the shepherds of earth that together care for all living beings, but have separated ourselves from this responsibility through our individual self interest where we agreed that we must all have our individual self interest instead of standing together equally within the same starting point, and thus manifested a system that does not care for all beings equally but rather abuses and exploits beings for labor and resources to fuel and support only the self interest experiences of a small minority of the population
I commit myself to show that the ones who claim ‘it is not my responsibility to fix the world’ are the ones who have brainwashed themselves with religion and spirituality as the belief that ‘everything is perfect and part of the divine plan’ — and that the ones who spread this message are the ones who actually have the means to stand together and fix this world, making it a place that supports all life – but have not done this because of the fear of losing / ending the spiritual characters we have created ourselves as in our minds
I commit myself to show that the only world that is not broken, is a world where each and every being stand together as equals as life as the Whole in doing what is best for all
I commit myself to stop accepting and allowing the opportunity of life of billions of beings to be broken by a money system that does not value life and allows poverty and starvation and crime due to lack of money
I commit myself to show that the only reason one would look at poverty, starvation, war, greed, abuse, torture, rape and say ‘this world is not broken, everything is fine’ — is because one has gone mad with fear of reality and removed themselves from reality, placing themselves completely into an illusion in their own mind based entirely on the self interest of desperately trying to feel good to not have to face the fear of reality
I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that in coming forth into this world in a circumstance within which I have money and education and support and can reach people with my voice – I am the one with the responsibility to fix this world, but to do this I have to give up my self interest and decide that who I am is Life, and then live this decision in walking a process of facing and stopping all self interest / separation I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within and as, and exposing all self interest as separation in this world until all illusions created by beliefs as self interest are broken and all are forced to face our responsibility as the creators of this world — wherein then we must actually stand together and implement an actual solution to bring all those without money to an equal level with ourselves so that everyone has the opportunity and support to correct their nature to that which is best for all as we have done, and within this realizing that to implement a solution we will have to learn how to realign all industry and institutions of this world to that which is best for all so that we can create a new system within which humanity can be re-educated with practical living in taking responsibility to care for each other and the earth as equals, so that we can all be here as equals as the whole, caring for each other as it is supposed to be
I commit myself to stop my fear of reality with self forgiveness, and to change the way I live and participate in this world from a starting point of self interest, to a starting point of working toward a world that is best for all life, through actually deciding to move myself in understanding the current world system / money system, and researching and investigating how the system can be transformed from abuse, to support given to all life

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