Day 58: Deconstructing the Happiness Philosophy

In continuation of my last post, here is Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective Commitment Statements for the quote:

“The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness”
― Esther Hicks

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that when I perceive that another has ‘learned’ how to be happy through me ‘giving them’ the example of ‘my happiness’, that it is only because they have money and are not faced with a physical condition of constant suffering that they are able to ‘feel happy’ — and that if I disagree with this, then I should test whether my ‘own happiness’ is the ‘greatest gift’ I can give someone, by building a house near some starving people so I can go stand among them daily, feeling happy, and imagining myself giving my happiness to them and then document what happens, paying close attention to the question of whether my happiness is making their physical pain and suffering of starvation go away

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that if I can’t stand in the face of those in the worst conditions of suffering in this world, for the rest of my life and feel happy and and see my happiness literally transform their physical condition into one where their basic needs are fulfilled at all times, and in which they no longer have to work slave labor jobs just to survive, and in which they magically have access to education, healthcare, clean water, good food, a nice house, a car, nice clothes, the internet, television and movies and in which they can actually explore who they are as an expression of life without even one moment of fear – then I am full of bullshit that I have created as a character I use to bullshit myself and others into justifying focusing on our own happiness while ignoring the suffering of other beings

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that my happiness is only possible because I have money which gives me access to a system of consumerism which provides me with all the nice things I’ve used to construct my life – and that if I stopped receiving money from my boss / others who give me money for some kind of work I do as part of capitalism, then I would no longer have access to the system and would be poor and would die because I no longer have access to food

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that Giving must always start with Giving Equally to All what All require to live a dignified life – and since this Giving to All does not exist on Earth, that indicates / shows that some are TAKING from others so that they can HAVE while another DOES NOT HAVE — as in the person with money TAKING the life from those who were born into a condition where they were FORCED to work some crap job producing things for people with money to buy, while they get paid only enough to survive at the lowest possible level – and taking the life from those who were born into a condition where there is no job at all, and in which there exist no infrastructure / system of support to provide them with food and the necessities of life, in which case they DIE of starvation — where, instead of GIVING to them a world system that provides for them, through taking responsibility to use our fortunate position in life to work together and agree to change the system to one that supports life, we go into a feeling of ‘oh I am so happy I am fortunate! I am so grateful that I am so fortunate and lucky and that the universe has provided me with a great life! It must be my mission to show others how happy I am!’ Which is the bullshit story we tell ourselves and each other to make ourselves feel like our happiness has some ‘virtuous value’ that is of benefit to anyone other than ourselves, so we don’t feel selfish – when in fact we know the whole time we are selfish, and that we are too afraid of the suffering of others to even care about them – where we rather fill our heads with justifications, excuses, elaborate new age philosophies which apparently ‘explain’ why we have the right to life while the rest do not

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that the greatest gift I can give myself is the courage and self will to live self honestly as the consideration in every moment as to whether how I am living as who I am is producing a world that is best for all, or producing a world that is not best for all, and not accept or allow myself to create justifications and excuses  as to why it’s apparently okay for me to not ensure that we have a world where Life is given Equally to All and none are allowed to neglect or abuse life for self interest

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself and other people with money to use our lives in self interest / selfishness because we were afraid of facing the plight of life in this world and giving up our self interest to be able to work together to end suffering and abuse

I commit myself to show how I cannot give my happiness to another — but that I can only give another person with money advice / suggestions as to what kind of beliefs and thoughts they can create and participate in to make themselves feel happy through shutting out the world and weaving themselves into a bubble of complete separation in which ‘only me and my happiness’ exist

I commit myself to show how me feeling happiness will not even result in a new world system being designed, as within my experience of happiness, I do not even for one moment consider what it would practically imply to give everyone on earth a dignified life, as I only focus on my own life and how I can make myself feel happy and thus am completely useless when it comes to practically supporting life

I commit myself to show how the ‘happiness philosophy’ which is the belief that ‘it is my right and responsibility to just be happy and that’s it‘ is resulting in us continuing to TAKE life from other humans, from animals, from nature, to fuel our consumer system of goods and services that provides us with our lifestyle that makes us happy

I commit myself to redefine the word Giving, and to redefine all my words, within the consideration of what all beings on Earth require to be Given in order to Equally flourish, experience, and express themselves on Earth, considering only physical practical reality, and to not accept or allow myself to make up beliefs and ideas that make me feel good and live these beliefs and ideas as the definitions of words — because then I am living words as self interest, as separation – instead of living words as what is best for all, defined in ways that can be practically lived in the physical reality to show visible support of life in all ways

I commit myself to give myself the courage to stop bullshitting myself and others, so that I can step out of character and expose the self interest that I actually see in this world, realizing that those who would react and tell me I am disrespecting their right to happiness / self interest, are those who would accept the abuse of life simply so that they can feel happy and thus such characters are not life but only characters created as fear of facing what has been allowed in this world

I commit myself to give myself the courage to live self honestly in taking responsibility to investigate my starting point in all my experiences to see whether I am accepting me to exist within and as self interest and then release myself from / stop my self interest through applying self forgiveness so that I no longer allow myself to create myself as characters of self interest through the acceptance of me as self interest

I commit myself to Give Equal Money to the world so that the whole world can be supported to live, and those who would abuse life can have their right to abuse removed so they can no longer abuse

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