Practical Tao Te Ching: Work is done, then forgotten

Creating, yet not possessing. Working, yet not taking credit. Work is done, then forgotten. Therefore it lasts forever. ~Tao Te Ching

 A practical example of this is where one removes a nail from the path so that another will not step on it by accident. And maybe no one even knows you were the one who removed the nail. No credit is given to you. But still, you actually enjoyed removing the nail from the path, and it just made sense to do. Why? Simple – because it is what we would have liked another to do for us. Now, within this, thinking about what you’ve just done, or going and telling others about it because you want them to praise you for your good deed, is examples of how to take a simple, common sense action of doing what is best for all, doing unto another as you would like done unto you, and making it into something ‘more’ than what it actually is. This kind of thing we do through the mind – through ego – we take something and make it a point of personality, a point of self definition, and then we take that point and try to ‘experience’ it as something – as ‘feeling good about myself’, or ‘being proud of myself’, etc. These feelings themselves are not actually real, because the act of making the action into more than what it actually is, is something that must be participated in within and as the mind – as self definition, as thinking, as judgment. The feeling, the idea, did not exist until we went and created it – though the actual action of removing the nail fromt he path was just HERE, regardless of what we create in our mind about it.

Judging the act as a ‘good deed’, and then defining one’s self as a ‘good person’, and making one’s self ‘feel good’ about it is all just self manipulation — and then what we tend to do is then actually go and manipulate others to try and get them to give us attention by telling them what we did – in this separating ourselves from the simple, common sense action of caring for what is here as we would like ourselves cared for, and making it into an idea, a self definition, a personality – a point used to generate energy of ‘feeling good about one’s self’. And the reason we are all experiencing such feelings, and the reason such feelings are able to be generated through talking to each other, is because we have all accepted ourselves to participate in such acts of judgment – the same ideas and definitions exist within each of us through our acceptance and allowance, and we have thus collectively created an alternate reality, built of networks and relationships of self definitions, ideas, beliefs, values. This is why we can ‘share a feeling’ with someone — we are not actually ‘sharing’ the feeling, we are just sharing the same judgments, ideas, values, definitions, and creating our feelings and emotions within ourselves as self manipulation — we are sharing a relationship of self manipulation, within which we have actually separated ourselves from the simple reality of how to live and participate with each other within common sense, Here with the Physical, Here as the Physical, Here in the Physical – Earth.

We have separated ourselves from the Earth through Consciousness. Consciousness is where we create an alternate reality of energy, simply so that we can ‘have an experience’ — but this experience is just self manipulation and self delusion, because in actual fact, the simple, physical action of removing the nail fromt he path is what it is – it is not a feeling, nor does the action itself create a feeling within self — self is the one that takes the action, takes what is HERE and projects it as an idea, as knowledge, as ‘I KNOW what I have done’, into and as an alternate reality within the MINEd — making it about ‘me and what I’ve done’, instead of simply acting as self expression, one and equal with the starting point of caring for another as we would like another to care for us — doing what is best for all.

With Equal Money, the point is that work is able to become self expression – doing what is best for all in realizing that everyone then always have what we ourselves would like to have – work no longer has to be about success and competition and ego and winning and ‘look what I’ve accomplished, where is my reward?’ Let 2012 be the year we stop the alternate, consciousness realities of ego and personality as energy through which we’ve separated ourselves from the Earth and the common sense of caring for each other as Equals. Let 2012 be the year we return to Earth, and push for a solution to this world – a new system based simply on what is best for all, a system that will bring an end to aeons of time spent weaving ourselves into relationships of self delusion through which we’ve separated ourselves from the simple responsibilities involved with caring for each other, caring for the animals, caring for nature, caring for the Earth. That which is personality, that which is ego, that which is energy, that which is consciousness, does not last forever – because it must be generated through collective, accepted agreements to participate in judgment, self definitions, and beliefs. That which is in common sense best for all lasts forever, stands forever, because it requires no consciousness projection to validate it. Stop existing within and as limited projections as consciousness, and become that which lasts forever.

I learned to use common sense through applying the Desteni tools.

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