Nothing Less than Self Perfected Equals as Life

In looking at my past experience within spirituality, there’s this point spiritual people have that keeps them from opening up their capacity to understand what is actually going on in this world, in existence. The point is this idea that in spite of what anything looks like, in spite of what exists in this world, in spite of all the horrible experiences being experienced right now on Earth, in spite of the daily struggles and discomfort and pain everyone experiences – everything is part of something ‘perfect’ — ‘everything is happening for a reason’. That is the popular way of stating this accepted point, ‘everything happens for a reason’. The problem with this is that this ‘reason’ is defined as something that is not supposed to be understood by human beings. So, the accepted idea is that everything is happening for a reason ‘for god to know’, or ‘for the universe to know’, or ‘for my higher self to know’, or ‘for some mystery of existence to know’. What you’re doing within this is actually accepting yourself to be a slave. A slave to something ‘greater than you’ that you ‘cannot understand’. I mean, there’s no two ways about it – if you accept yourself as ‘less than’, you are accepting yourself to be a slave. However, in spirituality it is not seen as ‘enslavement’, it is seen as ‘I am serving god’, or ‘I am helping the universe understand itself’, or some other such idea. I know these ideas because they are all ideas that I used to participate in, lol.
Why is this idea so popular? Because, in accepting this idea, then one can easily allow oneself to simply live out one’s life within whatever one’s circumstance happens to be, and to allow everyone else to live out their own lives within whatever everyone else’s circumstances happen to be. So, whether you are rich or poor, whether you are well fed or starving, whether you are a CEO or a sweatshop laborer, whether you are an animal abuser or the abused animal, whether you are the rapist or the raped, whether you are nature being destroyed or the person destroying nature, whether you are an angry person or a calm person — everything is happening exactly as it is supposed to be, everything is in its perfect place, happening for its perfect reason, and the best I can do is to just accept what is. Yes, I am going to just accept what is and not judge anything, because then I am apparently enlightened. Or is it that you are just making light of what is here? Because, what is Here in this world as the physical stuff that goes on daily, is not ‘light’. If you look carefully you will it it had nothing to do with ‘light’ until you started ‘making light’ of it – when you started ‘making light’ of yourself – that’s when you became ‘enlightened’. That’s when it became easy to ‘accept what is’ — when you first injected ‘light’ into everything, so that you are not seeing what is here physically, you are just seeing your own self-injected ‘light world’, within which you are here to do ‘light work’. But, common sense is that this light work only happens in your mind – because if you look at what you do with your physical hands, with your physical body here in this physical world – it is not ‘light’ – it is physical. The problem is that lightworkers, spiritual people, have this idea that the physical is an ‘illusion’, and that the ‘world of light’ is what is real. When, in common sense you can see – the physical has always been here, whereas your ‘world of light’ you had to concoct in your own mind – you concocted up the light, and then injected yourself with your own light concoction, and that’s when you started experiencing ‘the light’. Why do people do this? Obviously because it is easier to call the physical an illusion, and say ‘my light is what is real’, than to really face what is here as the horrible stuff that actually exists in this world, and in human beings.
Within this starting point of ‘accepting what is as perfect’, and that what is happening in the physical is ‘just an illusion anyway’, one is obviously allowing everything in this world as it exists and is experienced by all beings, to continue as it is. One is in essence giving poverty, starvation, war, destruction, violence, rape, inequality, one’s ‘blessing’ to exist.
The real point of self limitation within this is that one is not considering the point of: what if we are the ones that created everything that is here, and we actually fucked up? Yes, I’ll say it again – what if we actually fucked up? What if we are the creators and we’ve just been creating ourselves from a fucked up starting point? What if all this harm, all this suffering, all this abuse, all the atrocity — what if it is not ‘some perfect thing’? What if it only exists to show us that we have come to exist in a really fucked up way? And that, the way out of this is through stopping ourselves. Not through chasing light, chasing god, chasing some future projected experience of ourselves in our imagination as being ‘ascended’, or ‘with god’, because – that is obviously just a projection! Come on, it is really common sense to see. If we are the creators of what is here, and we have created a mess – the way out is not to imagine some alternate mental reality and wait until we die because we believe when we die we will then experience our imagined, projected alternate reality! Please!! That is such obvious self delusion!
I mean, you don’t even have to sit and philosophize about this — you can actually see that we have made this world what it is — and that instead of doing what is best for everyone as the whole, as one and equal, we have been directed only by energetic experiences as emotions, feelings, thoughts, projections, imagination — we have become slaves to a system that exists within us, that we have accepted as ourselves, that we have defined ourselves as — and the world system we are in reflects the starting point of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions — which is separation, self interest. Wealthy elite who disregard poverty and starvation and use the resource called money in self interest – are simply showing us what we physically manifest as our world as the consequence of our accepted self interest – each of our individual accepted self interest within acceptance of ourselves to be directed by thoughts, emotions, and feelings. I mean, the spiritual person sitting in their new age home surrounded by things like crystals, mandalas, tibetan singing bowls, etc, saying everything is ‘perfect’ and I am just here to ‘accept what is’, and believing that ‘when I die I will be free from the physical world and be flying around in heaven or some astral realms’, is no different from the corrupt politician who is not considering a solution for poverty and starvation and the abuse of billions of humans and animals, sitting in his mansion surrounded by guns and stuffed deer from hunting trips, sipping whiskey and saying: “thank you god for blessing me with this life, I know everything is part of your plan, and when I die I will be flying around in heaven at your feet”. See? The starting point is exactly the same — it is just the words and the picture that is different. Both are equally NOT finding a solution to end the unnecessary suffering of humans, animals, and nature HERE on Earth in the time we have in this life to take practical action.
See the fuck up? Yes, I’ll use the word fuck again – see the fuckup? The fuckup is that we’ve come to exist as these self-delusion creating machines, who take the knowledge and information and beliefs we’ve been exposed to depending on our circumstance of birth, to create an elaborate fantasy about how everything is ‘great, just perfect, part of some divine and holy and light-filled plan of the universe / source / god / creator, etc’, and that I’m just here to be thankful for what I’ve been given and accept what is. Meanwhile, we allow horrific atrocities against life to unfold every day — simply as a function of the current world system we were born into. Earth is Hell – we’ve made it hell through separating ourselves from what is Here, deluding ourselves into illusions of projected afterlifes that we are wanting to experience — and I mean, it is really just escapism. It is you wanting to escape Earth into some heavenly experience that is not Here — where you are leaving behind allllllllll the billions of suffering beings here on Earth without considering them for even one moment – only in fact considering your own escapist fantasy. Obviously this is unacceptable, because we are leaving behind a world where we could be born into starvation, poverty, war, abuse — and before you go spouting off some bullshit about poverty and starvation and war being the ‘choice’ of beings and therefore it is not your place to question it — realize that you do not understand why those things exist — they only exist as part of the way the current money systems function on Earth — that is the ONLY reason. And the only reason the current money system functions as it does, and exists as it does – is because we have always accepted it – because we were taught to! We were brainwashed to create reasons for poverty, starvation, war, abuse to exist. It is as simple as that. I mean, if you care about Life – if you STAND as Life, Equal and One as Yourself — Love Thy Neighbor as Yourself — then you will immediately realize that poverty and starvation and war and abuse is unacceptable — as in ONENESS it is just YOU abusing YOU, YOU destroying YOU. Simple as that. 
Which again brings us to the point of seeing – okay, things are not some convenient ‘perfect plan’, we have actually FUCKED UP BIG TIME through our accepted SEPARATION and SELF INTEREST. 
And now the only way to STOP the fuckup, is to STOP creating, perpetuating, supporting the fuckup — which means it is time to STOP participating in the self delusion of ‘just accept what is’, and ‘everything is perfect’. That does not mean you are in judgment of what is here, it just means that in giving up the obsession with escaping into your projected mind reality where everything is ‘perfect’, and in standing Here as Life as All as One as Equal, you are now free to evaluate what is here, existing in this world, and to ask yourself if you would like to continue harming yourself as Life through accepting and allowing the world as it exists, to continue.
As Life, the answer will be NO – it is not acceptable for this to continue. It is time to STOP my mental escapist delusions, and work together to bring about a practical solution for this world that is best for All.
I stopped spirituality, I stopped new age, I gave up my escapist fantasies and projections. I made the choice to stand Equal and One with All Life, and to STOP pretending everything is okay and ‘perfect just the way it is’. I made the choice to take responsibility as a Creator of what is Here – because I will only be satisfied when we have an Existence where everyone does what is best for All. I accept nothing less than an Existence where All are Here as Self Perfected Equals as Life, and NO suffering exists.
for more info on how to stop:

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