Rioting Sports Fans – Following Their Bliss?

mad sports fans possessed by accepted and allowed addiction to energetic stimulation as feelings and emotions — the human demon in action. Or are they just following their hearts? Doing what they love? Following their bliss?

Why is the ridiculous and abusive behavior of human beings allowed to continue? Because, there has been no real understanding of how to support the human being to stop being possessed. However, the tools of self support are Here as Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness – for what we each Accept and Allow within ourselves, as ourselves.

Stop the Mind as the preprogrammed demonic possession system we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to become. Stand One and Equal with the Physical, Stand up for Life – create a world that is Best for All.

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  1. sports are fun, its a shame that the starting point in the very origin of “sports” was that of competition to demonstrate to be wothy of becoming a “warrior”, and then fuck with everyone that is weak, and if your sport team lose you percieve yourself to be weak, and ¿if you lose then its like you lost your idiotic need to be a “great warrior” drinking bear and smashing everything? XD have fun and try to not destroy your self, ¿you want to play a risky game? i dare you to put some panties to a tiger, then you can fuck with yourself without harming others

    poor tiger….lol


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