Why do Atheists seldom become world leaders?

Why do Atheists seldom become world leaders? Why, in spite of pointing out the delusion of living according to religious beliefs, have Atheists not come up with any solution to make this world a better place for everyone?

It should be noted that whether you are Religious or an Atheist — both human beings still participate exactly the same way in exactly the same system — from the perspective of doing what is required to be done within the system to survive. In the end, the different ‘lifestyles’ of the Religious person and the Atheist are merely taking place within the context of the same accepted world systems. The same accepted political system. The same accepted education system. The same accepted idea of life as the pursuit and preservation of a family, kids, financial stability, retirement, being a consumer, having opinions and beliefs about things. And, encompassing everything: the same accepted way of using money. The same accepted value system that defines money, where money defines the same basic desires, fears, hopes and dreams of both the Religious person and the Atheist.

Why has the Atheist seldom become a world leader, and why has no solution been presented by Atheists that stands definitively to end the world’s problems of war, starvation, poverty, animal abuse, the abuse of labor, the greed and corruption of the church and other institutions?

Because the Atheist has not become the Solution. For if one lets go of god as the point to which Responsibility can be abdicated — that implies one MUST become the Solution through taking Responsibility for everything that humanity abdicate responsibility to god for.
In letting go of any belief in god one now makes oneself available to SEE one’s responsibility in THIS LIFE — that being, since we are THE ONES HERE in THIS LIFE — we are at a CROSSroads:
We can either let things keep going as they are and just keep ‘living our life’ until we die, the only difference being that you apparently do not believe in an afterlife, OR realize the absolute abuse in taking such a CoURSE of action, wherein you would leave the next generation of children to come CURSED to a life filled with the same MOODS, DOOMS, and GLOOMs of the dysfunctional, abusive system WE LEFT them.
This system IS US – in that it has no output, no motion, no continuance without OUR input, OUR physical action of participation. And it is Who We Are in our Participation that determines whether our actions will accumulate more of the same acceptance of abuse, or accumulate a NEW world that is best for all, that will support the children to come effectively.

Why have Atheists not presented a solution? Why are Atheists not becoming great world leaders taking action to clean up the mess created by religion in this world?

Because Atheists have not stood One and Equal as the Solution. Because Atheists have not realized the Solution. Because the fundaMENTAL INTERests of the Atheist still LIE with Self Interest — not with the Interest of what is Best for All Life.

The Atheist has still not given up all self definition shaped by centuries of religious influence that has shaped the entire way the human being is educated to think and perceive its world and each other.

The Atheist has still not realized that to place trust in Evolution is to in essence place trust in a a GOD – a HIGHER force to which one HIRES out ones responsibilities, to not have to face ones lack of action in a fucked up world.

The Atheist is still controlled by emotions, feelings, desires, opinions — DOGmas which one has been taught to follow — taught by those that passed onto us the oh so great knowledge that has made this world what it is today: a world where half the world is in poverty and millions of beings suffer in every moment. And why? Because no one has stood Equal and One with Our World. The Atheist still accepts himself as powerless to make a change. Why? Because the Atheist still accepts himself as limited and inferior to the Universe.
And I’m not talking philosophy or spirituality. I am talking Common Sense.
The Common Sense of realizing that we are the only ones HERE. And that thus WE must be GOD.
If the Atheist is to truly give up god — he must stand AS GOD in ALL WAYS and take the responsibility of God, the responsibility of PLANning a New World based on Common Sense, what is Commonly Sensed by each in Standing Equal and One as God Here Together, which is to end inequality in all ways as inequality is seen to be a creation of the human that has been conditioned as a Religion Robot CONNED to accept itself to be CONTROLLED and ENSLAVED through fear and worship of a HIGHER being so that a few may enjoy life while the rest exist as slaves on Earth CONsumed with self preservation in self interest as CONsumers.

The Atheist spites himself by not standing as GOD in all ways, and changing the way he lives to that which is always best for all, assisting and supporting all creation to act only in the best interest of All as himself as God.

The Atheist spites himself in that he still accepts the Past as God, the Past as the knowledge that was passed onto him from those who came before, which has shaped the way he thinks, and which has also shaped the judgments he has toward religion. The Atheist needs to step beyond the mere rejection of Religious belief systems, and look further at the point of Self Responsibility that emerge when one lets go of god. Then Self Forgiveness becomes a ‘self-blessing’ through which one can shed the conditioning of the past that teaches the human to accept itself as less than what is here, and stand up in real, practical support of Life. Because debate only goes so far – you cannot change someone or end religion and abuse using debate. We don’t need more debaters — we need people who are willing to take Responsibility to make this world a place where all can live a dignified Life. Anything less would indicate the continued abdication of responsibility to some point of God. The world requires real leaders that work together to bring about a new world that is best for all, that does away with the profit making system which currently is what enables the church to stand as a point of power and control.


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