Manifest all the goodies in life with Law of Attraction?

I used to use Law of Attraction. For a while my favorite book was ‘Ask and it is Given’ by Abraham-Hicks. Since I began my studies and Self Application with the Desteni Material back in 2008, I have developed the ability to see things with Common Sense, as they are, through peeling back the veils and layers of the Mind as Consciousness to no longer have my consideration be influenced or conditioned by past knowledge, beliefs or ideas.

The Desteni ‘I’ Process facilitates the development of Direct Realization and Seeing of what is going on, through having having access to the Tools to Investigate things effectively to come to a point of absolute clarity and Universal Understanding about something, without needing to interpret or form opinions, beliefs or assumptions.

Desteni ‘I’ Process facilitates the shift from Consciousness as the Program to Awareness as a ‘Living Seeing’.

In relation to the ‘Law of Attraction’, with an Equal Money System ‘poverty consciousness’ and ‘abundance consciousness’ become completely irrelevant – ‘obsolete’ you could say.
How? Because it will be impossible to ‘attract poverty’ in a system that supports ALL, and you will already have ABUNDANCE from birth to death therefore Law of Attraction is not needed and is thus revealed to be ONLY a product of our current accepted INEQUALITY where one’s BASIC SURVIVAL and comfort is made a PRODUCT that must be purCHASED, and WANTS and DESIRES to be RICH and have more than another as GREED is conditiOWNed from birth within a CAPITALIST system, based in FEAR of what happens when you don’t have money, as well as CONditioned dissatisfaction when one does not have access to ‘goodies’ that ‘other people’ have.

With an Equal Money System, everyone can have the goodies, everyone can live in abundance at all times. When we give to each other what we would like for ourselves – then we have what we want and don’t have to dream up gods to pray to and ask to send us money and success.

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