Opening doors in America unsafe

A Virginia middle school is standing by its decision after some parents said it went too far when it suspended a student for opening a door for a visitor – an action administrators say violated the school district’s strict security policy.

Southampton Middle School in Courtland, Va., issued a one-day suspension to the student last week after he allowed a woman into the school by opening an exterior door. The school district recently implemented a $10,800 security system that requires all visitors to ring a buzzer and appear on an outside camera before entry into the building. Students are not permitted at any time to open doors for outside visitors.
Signs of the Times of a world where humanity fear each other — what is feared?  Robbery and violence. Money and Mind Possession. 
Robbery will not be stopped until we have Equality in Money and Equality in Support for Living.

And to stop violent insanity and mind possession – we must each learn to stop our own mind possessions, standing Equal and One with who we are as our minds, and taking responsibility to start living Here in Equal consideration of each other – Love Thy Neighbor as yourself. 

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